Apprenticeship Level 5 Standard – One year on from launching our programme

Access Skills is one of the top training providers for learners undertaking the Level 5 apprenticeship programme, with our achievement rate some 20% above the sector average. On the anniversary of the introduction of our LEVEL 5 HIGHER APPRENTICESHIP STANDARD programme, we would like to share our approach with you.

This government funded apprenticeship is intended for those who are, or want to become, a Registered Manager or leader to fulfil their career ambitions and potential. Being a manager can be a challenging role, no more so than as experienced over the last year or so. We at Access Skills use our deep understanding of the Care Sector to adapt our flexible and dynamic programme to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of managers and workplace requirements. The holistic and flexible approach is suitable for those who want to develop outstanding leadership and management skills.

The new Access Skills Level 5 apprenticeship standard does require more teaching and learning input and also additional teaching resources to support the development of the knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of effective managers and leaders in our sector.

Our work-task focus and practical methodology means that all resources and individual tutor support are designed around managers’ actual work practices, enhancing performance and reducing worries about time pressures and “fitting everything in”. This practical link between knowledge, understanding and application is important. When coupled with reflection and guidance, it encourages effective behaviours and creates improved practice, despite these difficult times.

All apprenticeships require a minimum of 20% of work time to be spent completing programme related activity.  In our view, we believe that all managers should continue to strive to set aside this amount of positive focus time in their working routine. Using this time to focus on improving their own performance, and the service they manage, will encourage outstanding and excellent service performance to follow.

Over the past year we have created new unique resources and made tutor support more accessible with our programme.  These have helped Learners to carry out the important responsibilities that come with their role and encourage movement from satisfactory to outstanding care services.

We continue to provide our learners with free access to the Quality Compliance Systems (QSC) care management and compliance system. This facilitates changes to legislation and practice to be communicated to the learner’s care service so policies and procedures can remain current. The Management Toolkits have provided further support for planning and integration of required changes and improved compliance.

We are a Skills for Care Centre of Excellence and have made their suite of CPD programmes available to Learners on our apprenticeship programme, as a complimentary free option for those who want to gain additional recognition of their leadership skills.

The governments Digital Access System (DAS) for enrolment on the Standard has been improved. Working with it over the last year has provided us with a great deal of insight and understanding that we can share with our employer clients. Clients have remarked that it can look a bit daunting if you’ve not used it before, and we have been asked countless questions.  We have now gained plenty of experience in supporting our clients through most of the scenarios that they experience which means that we can assist you at every stage.  So don’t let DAS be a barrier to you accessing the available funding!

If you want to benefit from government funded training and our in depth-provision – just give us a call or drop an email and we will be there for you every step of the way.

This is the link to the government website about the DAS system.

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