Level 5 Health and Social Care Apprenticeship Standard: 2020 Update

The Covid-19 lockdown has given everyone time to think – and one of the things always worth thinking about is how you can better yourself and enhance your career. As the world gradually starts returning to a degree of normality, now more than ever is a good time to consider what you want from the future.

The care sector has been one of those most affected by the coronavirus crisis, and the pandemic has shown that having the right skills to deal with any eventuality is integral, especially in management. Below, we’ve answered some key questions on the new Higher Level Apprenticeship.

What is the new Level 5 Apprenticeship Standard?

Put simply, this is an excellent opportunity to develop your management capabilities. The level 5 Apprenticeship Standard has been designed specifically for those who are already occupying senior or management roles in the care sector. For those in positions of leadership in care, this level 5 diploma enriches the knowledge, skills and behaviours of managers, with the aim of creating more able, well-rounded leaders.

The course is designed to support managers, helping them to develop the effectiveness of their leadership and management contribution that is vital in adult social care. There is more tutor support involved in this course, and as a result there are more skills to pick up and a greater wealth of knowledge to learn. The course has been tailored to build upon and develop the capabilities of managers in the sector, with the ultimate aim of enabling them to do their job better.

How is the course delivered?

The level 5 Apprenticeship Standard has been designed to proactively improve the knowledge and practical skills of managers in the care sector. As a result, lots of emphasis is placed on supporting managers as they review and develop processes and practices in their workplace, helping them to make positive changes which impact on service performance. Learners are encouraged to reflect upon the impact these practices have had, giving them a better understanding of the effects, and how they can improve things further in the future.

The course combines effectively on and off-the-job training and assessment activities, giving the opportunity for lots of new skills for those on the course to learn and develop. Learners undertake activities throughout the course that will improve their knowledge and support development of the appropriate behaviour necessary to be a successful leader and manager. 

To support learners whilst on the course, they will have remote access to assessor-led workshops and webinars and also include individual tutorial support. Learners are also encouraged to engage with other managers on the course by participating in the management development CPD workshops offered as part of the programme. Engagement with other leaders in adult social care undertaking the apprenticeship can be extremely helpful in communicating experiences, and helps learners to understand how their new skills and practices might work in different care settings and situations.

How is the course assessed?

The programme typically will take 18 months to complete and will allow apprentices to be assessed on their Behaviours, Knowledge and Skills (BKS), as they progress through the programme. Completing written assignments and reflecting on performance are common features of the assessment process, as is having professional discussions with our tutors/assessors. Performing tasks in the workplace will also be observed by our assessment team through a variety of methods and employers will also be fully involved in supporting and contributing to the assessment of learners’ capabilities. 

At the end point of the programme, each learner is independently assessed to confirm whether they have passed or obtained a distinction in completing the level 5 Apprenticeship Standard. Those learners who successfully complete the programme will also receive the Level 5 registered manager diploma qualification.

What qualifications do I need for the Level 5 Apprenticeship Standard?

Learners are required to have GCSE (or equivalent) maths and English qualifications at grade C or above in order to complete the apprenticeship programme. You will also obtain the level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management for Adult Care prior to completion.

What funding options are available for the Level 5 Apprenticeship Standard?

The level 5 Apprenticeship Standard is a government-funded programme. The agreed funding band for this programme currently requires employers to contribute 5% of the agreed cost (approximately £350) as the fee for the programme. 

Employer grant incentives are available to assist eligible employers in terms of the cost of supporting an apprenticeship programme. The Sector Skills Council Skills for Care also offer support from the Workforce Development Fund towards the cost of Apprenticeships. 

What Access Skills CEO Neil Crawford says about the course:

“Our aim with the new Level 5 Apprenticeship Standard is to provide a programme which is resource-rich so that individual learners are encouraged and supported to develop their capabilities as they progress through the programme. Reflecting on their practice and capabilities is important, and so our approach is to give as much practical support as possible to enable them to undertake work tasks effectively as they progress through the programme.” 

“The aim of the programme is to enable individuals to be effective managers and leaders in the sector and to achieve with distinction if possible.”

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