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Are you a care provider seeking care workers to join your workforce? Access Skills would like to bring to your attention a new initiative that we are supporting to assist clients. Our aim is to provide a no-fee, improved quality and time-saving solution, to help with staff recruitment challenges currently being faced. Access Skills is working on this initiative with My Care Business, a like-minded healthcare sector consultancy. The aim is to bring to you an available pool of overseas care workers who are ready to bring value to the UK care sector.

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  • A managed public job board has been created on which you can post your vacancies and our candidates, who have already demonstrated commitment and readiness for the UK care sector, armed with their training certificates, can express their interest in your role.
  • Be introduced to our nominated immigration expert who can assist you in acquiring a Sponsorship License and the end-to-end candidate sponsorship process. They also support with Documentation Advice and Eligibility Assessments.
  • We provide ongoing support to all of our training candidates to ensure they continue to understand how to navigate the sector and how to implement the training in real practice.

Effective Training Support Ensures Quality Candidates

We equip pre-screened candidates with essential care training and understanding of the culture and practical UK Care Sector working differences. Training is initially delivered to the candidates in their country of origin with a blended learning approach, which includes support provided by our experienced UK based care sector manager tutors.  Upon arrival in the UK candidates will then be given support to complete both initial Care Certificate induction and the adult care level 3 diploma. The candidates’ investment in this intensive training reflects their commitment to providing effective quality care, aligning perfectly with your service’s ethos and retention strategy.

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Streamlined Process for Your Peace of Mind

We understand the challenges of sifting through countless unqualified applications. To streamline the recruitment process, a managed public job board has been created on which you can post your vacancies, and our trained candidates can express their interest directly in your role. This could save you the stress of sorting through countless unqualified applications and introduce you to individuals primed to work in the UK care sector.

Ongoing Support for Smooth Transition

We recognise individuals will continue to need support when they arrive in the UK. We therefore continue to support them when employed in the UK. We offer also offer pastoral care to help them navigate accommodation, transport, culture and community, ensuring they are well informed about life in the UK.

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What do the candidates receive

Training provided

  • Preparing to work in Adult Social Care in the UK.
  • Safer Handling of Medicines
  • Safeguarding Adults
  • Manual Handling (Fundamentals)
  • Infection Control Course
  • Mental Capacity Act 2005 (Fundamentals)
  • Duty of Care (assessment of workbook)
  • Supportive Tutor Led Professional Discussions


Courses we also deliver when employed in the UK:

  • Skills for Care Essential Rapid Induction Training (Care Certificate)
  • L3 Diploma in Adult Care
  • On-going ‘mandatory’ training refresher


Employability support

  • CV Writing and Interview Practice and Guidance
  • Career Advice and Roadmap Guidance
  • Guidance on the various roles and client groups in the Healthcare Sector
  • Communication and cultural integration
  • Top Tips and Guidance on Life in the UK
  • Guidance with accessing Transport and Housing in the UK
  • A friendly UK helpline for any ongoing support, guidance or sign-posting they might need

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*Please note, Access Skills Ltd. and My Care Business do not provide recruitment or immigration services directly in this instance. Our role is to train and support our candidates, enabling them to independently apply for your job postings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ASL and MCB are working together to provide a comprehensive training and employability support service to both candidates based abroad or overseas candidates who are already in the UK. ASL focuses on delivering training programs to equip candidates with essential care skills and an understanding and awareness of the UK’s culture. MCB offers employability support services tailored to the healthcare sector. Through the public job board, employer vacancies are advertised to these trained candidates and other UK-based candidates that are seeking work in the sector.

The candidates prior to their arrival in the UK, undergo a range of training programs through a blended learning approach, including courses such as Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care in the UK, Safer Handling of Medicines, Safeguarding Adults, Manual Handling, Infection Control, Mental Capacity Act 2005, and Duty of Care. Additionally, once in the UK, support continues to be available to support them in their new roles with Skills for Care Essential Rapid Induction Training (Care Certificate) and the Pearson L3 Diploma in Adult Care. We also support our candidates with cultural awareness training and an understanding of life in the UK

The MCB public job board is an online platform where care providers job vacancies are posted. This board is accessible to the ASL trained candidates and other UK based individual who are able to express interest and apply directly for the posted roles.

The candidates we train have made a significant commitment to preparing for work in the UK care sector and have undergone specified training programs provided by ASL and MCB. They have invested in their professional development and obtained certificates to demonstrate their readiness to work in the UK care sector. They have also committed to continue their development once they arrive in the UK. The initial training programs include essential care skills and a understanding of the UK’s culture. followed by Care Certificate and Level 3 Diploma training when in the UK. This is intended to ensure that candidates can be equipped to deliver high-quality care services.

No, ASL. and MCB do not provide international recruitment services. We offer training and employability support services to overseas candidates who are committed to working in the UK care sector. The MCB job board is a facility which allows employers job vacancies to be posted, and candidates we have trained to directly express interest in applying for the roles posted. The training and employability support service does not include job finding or a guarantee of a job role, and this is made expressly clear to our candidates.

Jobs are posted on the MCB public job board when employer job vacancies are submitted through the provided platform. The job posting will be visible to trained overseas candidates from ASL.’s programs as well as other UK based candidates. Candidates who are interested in the roles can express interest which is communicated to the employers, knowing they are equipped with the certificates obtained through the training programs.

ASL and MCB provide comprehensive support to candidates to help them understand and navigate life in the UK. This includes practical guidance on various aspects of life in the UK, such as cultural nuances, local customs, and everyday practicalities. We offer assistance in accessing transportation, understanding local amenities, and finding suitable accommodation. Our aim is to support them transitioning to a new social, cultural and UK care professional environment.

Yes, together with MCB, we offer employability support services to candidates. These services include CV writing, interview practice and guidance, career advice and roadmap guidance, guidance on various roles and client groups in the healthcare sector, top tips and guidance on life in the UK, guidance with accessing transport and housing in the UK, and a friendly UK helpline for ongoing support and guidance. We believe the effort put in to assisting the candidates to integrate into life in the UK is key to them being able to work to their potential and choosing to stay and progress with your organisation.

ASL. and MCB do not directly provide visa or immigration services but have built relationships with registered immigration experts. These experts can assist both candidates and care providers with services such as sponsor licence management, compliance and audit support, right-to-work checks, visa application and appointment support, immigration strategy, responses to immigration authorities, skilled worker sponsorships, intra-company transfers, documentation advice, and eligibility assessments.

To get started, care providers can contact us directly for further assistance or information and we will support you to post job vacancies on the public job board. This will immediately widen your reach to trained international care workers looking to make a difference to your organisations. For further assistance or information, please reach out to us, and the team will be more than happy to guide you through the process and answer any questions.

Useful Government sources of information regarding international care worker recruitment:

Department of Health & Social Care

Skills for Care International Recruitment

Local Government Association

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