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Benefits of ILM qualifications

An ILM qualification is one of the best ways of improving your leadership and management skills. That’s why they are becoming more popular in the care industry, where effective management is essential. As a provider of ILM courses, we get to see, first-hand, the amazing benefits of getting qualified. In this article, we’ve summarised a few of those benefits and explained a little about the course itself.

What is an ILM qualification?

ILM (The Institute of Leadership & Management) are at the cutting edge of leadership and management training. They have courses that range from Level 2 to Level 7, and each award can be achieved with an Award, Certificate, or Diploma, depending on how many credits are gained at each level. A common question is: what is an ILM qualification equivalent to? So, we’ve created this handy guide –

Each ILM qualifications roughly relates to the following –

Level 2 = NVQ (level 2) or GCSE grades (A*-C)

Level 3 = NVQ (Level 3) or A-Levels

Level 4 = NVQ (Level 4) or undergraduate degree (Year 1)

Level 5 = Diploma of higher education or undergraduate degree (Year 2)

Level 6 =BTEC advanced professional (diplomas, certificates and awards) or undergraduate degree (Year 3)

ILM Level 7 = Post-graduate (certificates and diplomas) or Masters degrees

In addition to the leadership and management qualifications, ILM offers more specific qualifications like the Level 4 Certificated in Principles of Leadership and Management for Adult Social Care.

All ILM qualifications are internationally recognized and delivered by The City and Guilds of London Institute.

Benefits of ILM qualifications?

Improve Leadership and Management Skills

The whole point of these qualifications is to improve your leadership and management skills and knowledge. The courses are full of real-life application situations to make you better at your job. Effective leadership and management are absolutely essential in the health and social care industry – because they have a trickle-down effect that can ultimately lead to improving patient care. Good management and leadership can equal good patient care.

Internationally Recognised Qualifications

ILM courses are recognised around the world, especially in Europe. This only really has one benefit – it means that you can work in other countries and your ILM certificate will still be valid. However, it also gives the qualifications some weight. If they’re internationally recognized, it means that they are respected around the world.

Teaches Real Organisational Application and Improvement

There are plenty of qualifications out there that leave you feeling like you haven’t learned anything. You might have experienced some of them already in your career. ILM courses are different. In fact, 87% of learners said ILM qualification provided them with essential workplace skills*. Throughout the course, the learning is focused on real organisational application and improvement. So, you can use it in your everyday work life. Many people struggle to use leadership and management theory in practice, which is why it’s crucial to have this real-world application.

Build Confidence to Manage People and Processes

Confidence is absolutely key to effective leadership and management. Your colleagues are looking to you to make decisions and take responsibility. It can be damaging to your ability to lead and manage if the people working for you think that you don’t know what you’re doing. That means having a level of confidence in your ability. Parts of the ILM leadership and management qualifications are designed to build your confidence in managing people and processes.

Increases Your Employability and Progression Options

Qualifications, like those provided by ILM, are an effective way of increasing your chances of getting promoted and making yourself more employable. If an employer has two candidates that they can’t decide between, they are likely to make the decision based on qualifications. Whilst ILM qualifications aren’t essential in the health and social care industry, they are very sought after and will improve your career prospects.

You Get ILM Student Membership

With our ILM course, you get access to a free 12-month ILM membership. This gives you instant access to their online service, which has loads of useful resources for improving your leadership and management skills. The materials on the ILM Learning Zone are created by the Harvard Business School, so they are some of the best in the world.  On top of that, you get a regular magazine and monthly e-bulletins, advice on writing your CV, and expert help on preparing for interviews. Plus, you get some additional discounts on things like house and car insurance, business supplies, leisure activities, and more.

Minimal Time Away from Workplace Responsibilities

One of the biggest advantages of modern qualifications is that they require minimal time away from work. In the past, getting a qualification like this would require one or more weeks away from your work, which could be counter-productive. ILM qualifications offer flexible models of delivery, so you don’t have to spend time away. Not only are the courses online, but you can also get one-to-one electronic tutor support if you need it, as well as access to a comprehensive online workbook.

Strengthens Your Management Skill-Set

Many people incorrectly label management as a natural skill. How many times have you heard someone say the phrase ‘a natural born leader’ about someone? Sure, some people are naturally suited to management and leadership, but great management can also be learnt. Management can be broken down into the following skills: planning, communication, decision-making, delegation, problem-solving, and motivation. ILM qualifications will equip you with these skills to help you succeed in a constantly evolving workplace.

It’s Cost Effective – Outstanding and Proven Return on Investment

We’ve mainly talked about the benefits of ILM qualifications for the person that takes the course. But what about the benefits to an organisation? If you are an employer looking to strengthen the skill set of your workforce, ILM qualifications are a great option. In fact, 78% of employers that chose ILM qualifications saw a return on investment within just one year*. Effective leadership and management are essential at all levels of an organisation.

*Statistics taken from independent research conducted by Harris Interactive between September and October 2016 for the ILM


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