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Skills For Care CPD Modules: An Overview

Skills For Care has recently launched three CPD (continuing professional development) modules, aimed at managers working in adult social care services. They are designed to improve the knowledge and skills of managers and future leaders in care services.

Successful completion of the three new modules will equip managers with the knowledge and skills needed to lead and develop high-quality services. They focus on the following three areas. 

  • Understanding Performance Management
  • Understanding Self-management Skills
  • Understanding Workplace Culture 

Funding is available to learners (until March)

Skills For Care is providing £3 million of targeted funding from the Workforce Development Fund (WDF). That means learners have the chance to take the three new CPD modules for free. This funding is currently guaranteed until March, at which point it could be discontinued. Learners should enrol on the modules as soon as possible to guarantee funding

Contact us now to apply for funding – 

How is Access Skills delivering the CPD modules?

Each CPD module covers various objectives (more on each module below) and is delivered as a one day course. Programmes will require workshop attendance by learners. This also provides excellent networking opportunities to occur with colleagues from the sector who are also attending. In the future, it is also expected that some workshops may contain webinar format too.  That may offer more flexibility to some learners who will be able to engage in a way that suits their learning style and availability. 

We have also decided to ensure that the CPD modules we offer can also support our Level 4/5 course provision by enabling learners to use the knowledge and skills gained as part of their evidence for their Level 4/5 qualification they are undertaking. 

This benefits Level 4/5 learners by recognising the completion of both an endorsed programme and also supporting accreditation for the level 4/5 diploma qualifications.

Here is some more information about the three CPD modules:

Understanding Performance Management

As a manager, it’s important to understand and appraise the performance of team members. The CPD module focuses on the knowledge that people perform differently and the tools and techniques available in performance management. It also helps managers understand the performance management cycle. 

The module is designed to help managers connect with their peers. The practical strategies and behaviours learner will be applicable to their day-to-day work and they will be challenged to put these into practice. 

What will be learned?

The programme is split into the following objectives – 

  • Understanding the performance management cycle including processes for managing different types of performance 
  • Understanding of disciplinary and grievance, causes of poor performance and how to minimise them 
  • Awareness of strategies to improve performance 
  • Awareness of managing and retaining high performing staff 
  • Understand how to give feedback and manage difficult conversations 
  • Awareness of cultures that encourage confidence, responsibility and accountability 
  • Understanding effective role modelling, coaching and mentoring

Understanding Self-management Skills

Self-management is an essential part of a management strategy. If a manager is to lead by example, they have to hold themselves to the standards they set for team members. This CPD module helps managers tackle isolation, manage time, build resilience and ensure wellbeing. It includes practical tools and techniques that managers can use as part of their day-to-day management style. 

What will be learned?

The programme is split into the following objectives – 

  • Awareness of the impact of your own beliefs and values 
  • Understanding self-management, self-awareness and confidence 
  • Understanding integrity and how actions & words influence others 
  • Awareness of cultures that foster resilience 
  • Understanding emotional intelligence 
  • How to deal with pressure and stress using well-being strategies including delegation
  • Awareness of time management, techniques and tools.


Understanding Workplace Culture

Every workplace has its own culture. This is the character and personality of the workplace and it can affect the behaviour and attitudes of employees and those receiving care. This CPD module helps managers to explore the links between vision, values, and culture. It also provides practical tools and techniques that can be used in the day-to-day management of a care environment. 

This CPD module will help managers to explore the critical links between vision, values and culture, providing practical support to influence change and develop the culture of their service. 

What will be learned?

The programme is split into the following objectives – 

  • Develop a clear understanding of what culture is 
  • Understanding the relationship between culture, values and vision 
  • Understanding approaches for assessing culture and steering action 
  • Understanding simple rules for turning values into action 
  • Understanding nudge as applied to head, heart and environment 
  • Awareness of a range of nudge activities for developing culture

In addition to the above CPD modules, two new leadership programmes have been introduced which are also free to enrol onto. 


LEAD TO SUCCEED is designed to help managers and leaders unleash their leadership potential. It focuses on teaching successful behaviours and practical strategies that can be used in everyday leadership and management. 

The course covers five main areas:

  • successful behaviours for leaders and managers
  • developing a positive culture
  • effective supervision
  • leading and managing the process of change
  • leading and managing the inspection process.



WELL-LED is a leadership development programme for managers of adult social care services. It has been developed by managers who are familiar with the challenges of leading a care team, which gives the course a grounding in reality. 

The course consists of four main 

  • Module 1: Know yourself – looking inwards
  • Module 2: Leading a successful service – looking around
  • Module 3: Leading high performing teams – looking sideways
  • Module 4: Leading in and beyond the boundaries of your service – looking outwards


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