Quick 4 tips for a faster enrolment with Access Skills

At Access Skills, our health and social care diploma qualifications are perfect for those who are wanting to progress in their careers within the care sector. Our new website’s enquiry form makes it easy for prospective learners to enquire about the products that we have to offer. Our specialist Skills Advisors contact every single one of our prospective learners, so it is important to be prepared for these initial conversations to ensure that the programme is right for you and your application progresses quickly.

To help ensure your application progresses successfully, we have some tips for you to ensure that you have the right information available when enquiring.

Tip 1:

Ensure that you are employed within the care sector and in an appropriate job role before enquiring for one of our diplomas. Our courses are competency-based, which means that you need to be able to evidence that you are performing the work tasks needed for the completion of the diploma you are enquiring about.

  • Level 3 diploma, you will need to be working within a role with care responsibilities, or a key worker;
  • Level 4 diploma, you need to be in a senior role with mentor responsibilities;
  • Level 5 diploma, you will need to be in a management position, or in a senior role with managerial responsibilities.

It is important that you are able to evidence the appropriate tasks as our Skills Advisor will be asking you about this in their initial conversations with you.

Tip 2:

Please ensure that you select accurately the field/level in the enquiry form so we can determine if the diploma is the best fit for you! Whilst your own job role title may differ, it should still align with one of the following levels that you select:

  • If you are working to a Level 3 standard, you will want to select Care Assistant/Support Worker field
  • For a Level 4 role, you should select the Senior Carer/Senior Support Giver
  • And for the Level 5 diploma, you will need to select Deputy Manager, Manager or Owner/Director.

Tip 3:

It is also important that you are aware of some basic information about your employer. In working for a care provider you should be aware if your employers business is regulated by CQC, or perhaps OFSTED or by a Local Authority Council. Alternatively, your employer may be in the process of applying to be registered with one or more of these agencies. We will want you to confirm the status of your employer as part of the enquiry process. We will also need up to date details of your workplace address for these checks, so it is important to have this available as well!

Tip 4:

We will need confirmation that your employer is happy for you to enrol onto a diploma, as we will need to engage with your workplace in gathering observational evidence for your course. Please make sure that your manager is happy to support you in the completion of your course. It is best to have this ready before enquiring with us.

If you have all of this information, and you are available to have a conversation with one of our specialist Skills Advisors, your initial conversation should proceed and progress smoothly onto the next stage of the enrolment journey. Contact us on 0121 510 2169 or fill in an enquiry form to start this journey.


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